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How does the job market look for Chapman graduates?  Will graduates be able to score the 6-figure salary as easily as say, a Loyola or University of Colorado, Boulder graduate?

I have a free ride to Chapman but can't really see myself going there.  Will it be impossible to transfer out?

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Chapman is a good school.  However, the problem is with its age.  It's been open for only a decade, with a very small alumni base, and a reputation in the legal market that is somewhat not established.  For example, SW is an old school in the heart of L.A., with a huge alumni base, and i think, in terms of obtaining a job, SW has the better rep, simply because of its huge alum base and age.  Loyola on the other hand, as nicely as i want to say this, hammers Chapman in the Los Angeles/OC market.  Loyola comes right after UCLA/USC.  Yet, you still get a good education at Chapman, but in the long run, Loyola will most likely get you the better job.  And if you can't see yourself going to Chapmna, then you might later regret your decision.  Forget rankings or the money factor for a moment, and go somewhere you'd like to go--your heart has to be in it

BTW, i hear Chapman has a harsh policy for keeping scholarships for your 2nd and 3rd year.  Look into it.

And, NEVER, i mean NEVER attend a law school with the intent of transfering. That's the biggest mistake people make.

good luck