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When your LSAT is higher than the school Avg...


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Re: When your LSAT is higher than the school Avg...
« Reply #10 on: April 04, 2007, 01:05:38 PM »
I started a thread seeking input from LSDers on how to predict whether or not you will receive a full tuition scholarship.   Care to help and see if it accurately predicted your results?,85956.0.html

I would love to help, but to be frank- I don't get your system!! :)

I was afraid of that! Ha. I don't think I explained it very well.

Here is an example, looking at the University of Arizona data.

1) View the "Law School Data" PDF.
2) On page 2, there is a "grants and scholarships" header.
3) Add the # of students receving full tuition and more than full tuition together. For Arizona, it's 63.
4) Since 63 is the # of current students receiving full rides, divide by 3 to determine the average # per class, 21.
5) Close the "Law School Data" PDF.
6) View the "Law School Description" PDF.
7) On page 2, there is an "applicant profile."
8. Starting with the 175-180/3.75+ box, add the number of students admitted, then continue adding to the 175-180/3.50-3.74 box, then the 170-174/3.75+ box, then the 175-180/3.25-3.49 box, then the 170-174/3.50-3.74 box, then the 165-169/3.75+ box.  Continue adding, following the order of the numbered list in the original post.  Stop when you have reached or exceeded the average # of students with scholarships in a class, which might mean you won't add all the boxes I listed in the previous sentence.  Whatever box you end on, you should be fairly confident that you will receive a full ride if you have scores in that range or in a range listed higher in the numbered list from the original post.