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UCLA vs UConn

Re: UCLA vs UConn
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Compared to what, UMass?  Yeah, that's a f-ing joke.

"Most people" probably couldn't tell you if Vermont, Maine, or Connecticut is the "best" public university in New England.  What they can probably tell you is that none of them are thought highly of.  Good students, as a rule, do not go to any of them (at least in my experience, and yeah I'm from New England).  What's your f-ing point?  Do you go to UConn for law school?  Whatever.  UCLA is a much better school and is clearly more highly regarded in Boston--apart from money concerns (or personal location issues) there is no reason to even think twice about this decision.  And this coming from someone who doesn't like LA.

Consensus is that UConn is the best public university in New England. Period. And no, I have never attended there. What's my point? Correcting your misinformed rant as a concerned Connecticut taxpayer, I guess.

Re: UCLA vs UConn
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It is interesting how you use USN&WR to illustrate your point, and then totally disregard its validity at turns that are convenient to your academic snobbery.

Re: UCLA vs UConn
« Reply #22 on: April 14, 2007, 02:34:31 PM » sounds like you've made your decision already. It's cheaper and where you want to work.