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For those who are pretty sure, or 100% sure they are going to Denver in August, did you get a chance to look for housing while you visited the campus? Do you have an idea of where you will be living? I want to live as close to campus as possible, but it seems like apartments get nicer as you move away from campus, then again I will probably spend the vast majority of my time at school.


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My comment about not being 100% satisfied is that it was a rushed day.  If the day had been longer with more time for some of the information sessions I would have been 100% satisfied.  I am attending DU in the fall and after seeing the school and talking to students and professors I know my decision is the right one.
I spent three days there checking out the housing situation.  I looked at apartments within four blocks of campus as well as some farther away.  It was hard because alot of them would not show me anything but those that did I would be ok living there.  The Arlington is about 2 blocks to the law building.  Large apartments - almost had a dorm feel to it though.  They are well maintained but depending on which side you were on they might be noisy.  The St. Josephine's ( 3 buildings) were nice.  Studios were good size, bathrooms were kinda small but good other than that.  Well located and seemed quiet.  They are about 3 blocks to the law building.  DU is in a great area.  I did not run across any bad sections around the school.  I am going to be living about 10-15 minutes away in Englewood.  The city has great transportation and there is a light rail stop right by the campus.

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I forgot to mention the internship and networking answer.  I set in on a seminar about internships during ASD.  By huge I mean that not only are there ample opportunities already in place you can, if needed, make your own.  They have networking opportunities almost daily.  One of the students from the panel said you could eat lunch free everyday at the school because of all of the meeting they have.  I saw postings for three different meetings with lunch posted during my time there.  DU has the highest percentage of working attorneys in Denver so the chance of networking with people that you can get an intership with are ample. 
I hope this answers the question.