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University of Denver ASD

University of Denver ASD
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Did anyone attend the Denver admitted student's day? If so, would you please write a review or just shed some light on what I missed? Thanks in advance.


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I attended the day.  It was informative but not 100% satisfying.  The building is unbelievable.  Every seat in the almost every classroom is wired for laptops.  Some of the smaller conference type classrooms are not wired.  The main lobby area has a cafe, lots of table, and lots of small tables with comfy chairs.  The smaller tables are also wired for laptops.  Lots of small study rooms that you can reserve for up to 3 hours at a time.  The library is huge with lots of study space as well as private study rooms.  The only thing I did not like about the library is that it only has one entrance and exit on the second floor.  The builing has lots of window and is very well lit.  The lockers are a good size.  Parking in the law building is permit only and is, this year, $480.00.  Parking is available elsewhere on campus for a lot less money. One of the students on the panel pays $60.00.  The professors were likable but honest I felt in how they grade and test.  The students and the professors both said that DU is not a highly competitive school like some where students hide materials and such.  They all felt there was good comraderie among the students. The students all said that faculty are very accessible but not all had been to a professors home nor out to luncb with a professor. The faculty were split on this question but most had worked at meeting students when needed to discuss problems or questions. DU grades on a B average and Professor Best, Torts, discussed why and the median range which I did not write down.
There were small group presentation for 1 hour.  I set in on the Internships and Public Law seminars.  Internships opportunites are huge.  You can either obtain one with the help of the school or set one up on your own and have it approved by the school.  The school sets up lots of networking opportunities to meet with previous DU grads as well as lawyers, judges, etc in the area.  DU has participated in the LRAP program but only 5 out of 30 students were selected this year to recieve a LRAP and that is due to funding.  They are committed to the program and are working on obtaining further funding.  The Mock Trial opportunities, clinical programs, and internship programs are extensive. 
What else would you like to know?  I apologize for the disjointed posting but I just flew home today and have been up since 3am.
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I missed this day too and when I was able to visit, I was only able to take a quick glance around the building and make my deposit.

Not much to say from me except that the building was gorgeous, the campus is beautiful, and the people seemed to be quite pleasant to deal with.
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Please elaborate on your comment "informative but not 100% satisfying". How comfortable did you feel about your decision? How was the neighborhood around the school?  How vibrant was the campus? You mentioned that the internship opportunities are huge; meaning? I am sorry for all of the specific questions, but I am strongly considering DU over many “higher ranked” schools for various reasons, mainly ($$$) and location. My belief is that DU's urban setting may provide more networking opportunities, more so than schools with a more rural setting. Does anyone agree/disagree with this line of thinking?


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I flew from Florida to Colorado for Denver's ASD.  I didn't want to b/c I spent more that $1k on the trip. But let me tell you, I did not want to leave for the airport, I wanted to go back to DU's campus.

I loved it and I felt at home.  The students were amazing.  The vibe in the school exceptional. The school's administration second to none.  When I got back home I wondered if all of the people (students, administrators, ...) were "extras" paid to be nice because I have never experienced such great people in an university. Then again, I am from a not so nice city in Florida. Anyway, as an example, my wife and I asked a university administrator a question regarding Financial Aid in the “forum.” The lady said to “please come into my office” and “oh, would you like so coffee or tea”?  I am not kidding; we almost fell to the floor.  We went to her office at once and she answered all questions.  But it’s not only at the law school; it’s school wide because I experienced the same helpfulness in other departments (e.g., GSIS where  I am doing a dual degree).

Yes, it seems that DU Law has a monopoly over the Denver law market since they are the only law school there.  All students that I met already had jobs or were doing internships of their choice.  By the way, the professors are “approachable”. What they said in the ASD was that they will not come looking for you that you need to look for them, but that goes for every university unless one attends a very small liberal arts college or an extremely small law school. Even then professors are not going to be “looking” for you.

The campus and building are exceptional and unlike anything that I have experienced, even including a very new law building here in Florida that I visited. 

I will be attending DU over several “higher ranked” law schools (Wash. U; Tulane, Wiscin, UF, Hastings and several more) that I was admitted into.  I really just fell in love with the people and the school in general. The other ones didn’t steal my heart. Plus, it’s the same education (for what I am looking for)  and DU has an exceptional Career Serv. Center. I told them that I wanted to do a clerkship after school and the lady gave an Excel file of the current DU Alumni serving on the bench and a list of current professors that have been clerks for judges. I have already contacted several of them.     

For me DU Law will be more expensive than the other state law schools that I have been admitted into (I am thankful for their offers) and I don’t care because if I start put a price on where I want to be educated, then I would never go to law school.

The location is exceptional. There is a Light Rail station next to the school that goes downtown or you can drive and be there in 10 minutes (at least on the weekend when I was there). I don’t know much about traffic patterns there.  It is urban and there seems to be a million and one things to do there.  Anyway, the point is that I found everything with DU Law exceptional.

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I too will be leaving Florida (state schools) to attend DU. Thanks for your sharing your experiences, they are greatly appreciated.


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Igon & 4ever-

Have either of you visited FSU? If so, what did you think? Thanks


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I went to the ASW for FSU back in Feb. Everyone seemed extremely nice and very cordial. I think that the schools location offers a lot if you consider it’s (Supreme Court/ congressional) neighbors. Each student that spoke seemed to be very happy, and confident that they had made the right decision to attend FSU. My reasons for not attending FSU may seem arbitrary, but as of right now, I don’t believe that I want to practice in Florida; nor do I desire to live I a small town (Tallahassee) for 3 years. I hope this helps……let me know if you desire more specific information concerning FSU.


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I have not gone to FSU. I didn't apply to FSU because I am a gator and I was certain that I was going to get admitted into UF Law.

I am choosing DU over UF for many reasons and one of them is that I want to do intern/exterships and work part-time while I am in law school.  They also have a smaller full time entering class (DU240/UF400), a better building, and living in a city is much more attractive to me (and my wife).  Those are just a couple of my reasons and I won't bore you with the rest.

Since Denver is also the state's capital you also have what you would have at FSU - the proximity to state offices and so on. One of Colorado's Supreme Court Judges teaches at DU. At least that is what they said and I did see the profile in the faculty page.

I hope this helps.