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Running ExamSoft via BootCamp on a new Mac

Re: Running ExamSoft via BootCamp on a new Mac
« Reply #30 on: April 04, 2007, 06:58:41 PM »
We use secureexam so this isn't an issue at our school. Question to those using parallels - does the program partition off a section of your hard drive for running windows? Do you get to set it size? Can you recover it if you decide to remove the program?


The new parallels uses the boot camp partition, prior to that it created its own image on the hd. You still have this option, but using the boot camp partition is superb.

That being said, parallels also has a cool viewing mode called "coherence" it puts your windows programs on the dock and integrates them into your workspace in OSX. It is super sick. I now use parallels more than actually booting into XP.

Dude, does that literally mean that I can run Onenote 2007 as if it were a literal Mac app?



Pretty much. You still have to boot into xp, but it doesn't take too long. I put my XP desktop to sleep when I am not using it so that way I can just resume instead of a full reboot.

Re: Running ExamSoft via BootCamp on a new Mac
« Reply #31 on: April 04, 2007, 07:05:21 PM »
Another examsoft related question....

Will we buy it through the law school with our books? I was at my campus computer school today (UT-Austin), and noticed they didn't have it there. Do we have to buy it ourselves? Just wondering, because I was in there to buy Windows XP pro, and it is only $20 when I buy it through UT. So now i just need to get my new Mac.....yea.

holy crap!  i paid $300 for xp pro.  anyway, examsoft is a free download, but you can't get it yet--they make it available a few weeks before finals (i guess so you can't reprogram it or something).

Yes, schools that participate in education discount programs RULE. I will also get a 10% discount on my mac. I am trying to wait as long as I can to buy it. My current laptop (it's 3.5 years old) can make it until the end of the semester I think.....I hope so anyway.