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Law school for the rest of us: Advice/questions for/from T2/3/4 students:


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Tagging this thread because I'm incompetent at networking/interviewing and need all the help I can find, even if I'm going to a T1 :) Thanks to those providing the advice!

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So does anyone have any questions about law school in general, or life at large?

Now is the time to ask them, the law students on this board are getting close to exams, so we will be absent more in the next few weeks, so ask now or hold you peace till late May!

Yes I do, Oh the wise one.

I will be attending LS on PT basis while working 30 hours per week for my 1st year.  I will be taking 9 hours per semester (6 on summer).

Assuming that all of my classes are in the evening (6 - 9), what would be the ideal daily schedule with 6 hours of work incorporated into it.


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I'd like to ask a few things...

First, somebody mentioned the "hide-the-ball" game profs play. Is this really that prevalent? I understand the saying to mean that profs don't tell you what you need to know for exams or worse, tell you you don't need to know or mention certain things when you really do need to know/mention them (eg black letter law).

Secondly, how surprised where you by who did well and who did not on exams? Did those who did well have any identifiable common attributes?

Last, regarding the Outline, how do you compile this? Do you mostly just note stuff the prof talks about or do you incorporate a lot from the study aids that s/he doesnít mention? And how do you organize yours so you can find stuff quickly during an exam?

Last (OK, I mean it this time), did you read any books on LS in general or exam-taking that were really helpful?

Anybody want to take a stab at any of those? (Thanks in advance!).

Don't know why I didn't do this before... *tag*

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I posted this on anouther thread, but hey I wrote it and think its funny, so here you go:

Ok, I was saving this for another thread, but UGA is right, your doomed if you go to T3, you will never get a job for more than $14 an hour, why, because this is really the way BIG LAW hiring/partner track works:

(Discussion of four partners deciding who should get the one job they have open from their summer interns at a NH BIG LAW firm)

P1: Ok, letís get down to business, who are the two final candidates for our associate position?

P2: I nominated Jack, he goes to NYU, we got him from OCI in the spring.

P3: Very prestigious!

P4: I nominated Bill, he goes to Franklin Pierce, Chris Smith recommended him after he spent his 1L summer interning over at their firm.

P1: I like Chris, heís a good lawyer.

P3: He went to Cornell I believe, very prestigious!

P1: Ok, so what do we know about each candidate?

P2: Jack goes to NYU

P3: Prestigious!!!

P1: Indeed!

P4: What are his grades like?

P2: I think 2.4 GPA, but NYU is a hard school.

P4: They donít even curve their gradesÖ

P2: Oh, have you seen his personalized license plates? They say NYU LAW!

P3: VERY PRESTIGIOUS!!! I want that!

P4: Um, Mike you canít get plates like that.

P3: Why NOT???

P4: Because ďThe Ohio State University School of LawĒ wonít fit.

P3: Oh, are you sure? Iím going to have my intern research that, he goes to Stanford by the way.

P1: Oh, hey, send me a memo on what you find, Iím doing some work for the DMV, I can bill for that.

P1: So what about this other guy, Tom, Ted, what was his name?

P4: Bill

P1: He goes to NYU?

P4: No he goes to Franklin Pierce

P2: They have a law school?

P3: Are you going to eat that bagel Jim?

P1: No, you can have it. I sent my intern to grab them from Johnsonís Bakery down the street. He's from Harvard.

P2: The baker?

P1: No my intern who got the bagels.

P3: I heard that bakerís cousinís son is at MIT, thatís pretty prestigious.

P4: Can we get back to the subject at hand?

P1: Sure, ok tell us about Dave.

P4: His names Bill. He rewrote the memo your last intern screwed up, the one where she called Mr. Shateed, Mr. Shithead over and over again.

P1: Oh, yes, she went to Yale you know, my last intern.

P3: Youíre prestigious Jim!

P4: Anyway, Bill is in the top 30% of his class, on law review, done moot court and comes highly recommended by Chris after volunteering there last summer. I have been extremely pleased with his work.

P2: He does not go to NYU though.

P3: True!

P4: Um, isnít Jack, the NYU kid, the one who got so drunk and the last company party he screamed ANN IN ACCOUNTING LIKE GIRLS then threw up on the Mayorís wife?

P2: Yea, thatís him, heís at NYU.

P4: We had to buy the Mayorís wife a new dress for 5K, thanks to him.

P3: It was a Dolce dress, very prestigious!!!

P4: Well Bill has authored three memos for us, all great, he has stayed late each night making sure everything is done, and he co-writing an article with Mike Jones about superfund liability.

P2: Oh, did I mention Jack got a 168 on his third LSAT?

P4: Isnít he also the one thatís under investigation for taking $600 our of the clients trust account and spending it on a hooker?

P2: She was a transvestite hooker, and she does a lot of work with the big five firms up in NY.

P3: She sounds prestigious!

P1: Ok, lets make the decision. It seems pretty clear that Jack is the front runner here, letís take a vote. All in favor of the NYU guy say ďAYEĒ.

P2: Aye

P3: Aye

P4: Nay

P1: Aye

P1: Ok, that settled, hire the NYU guy. Anything else before we break?

P3: Does anyone have the number for that transvestite hooker?

P2: Iíll Blackberry it to you.

P3: Blackberryís are prestigious!!

P1: Ok, Stan, let me talk to you a second.

P4: Yes?

P1: I think we need to get rid on this Carl guy from Franklin Pierce, it sounds like he is not working out. We have an image to keep at this firm, and our clients expect a certain level of proficiency. Let him go today and put the new guy in charge of his duties.

P4: Dear god take me nowÖ.

P1: Oh, yea, and see if you can deduct $600 out of his pay to cover the NYU kids debt.

First, I would like to point out that BigLaw is not the only way to make good money as a lawyer.

Also, I just spit my coffee all over the room reading that.  :D




First, I would like to point out that BigLaw is not the only way to make good money as a lawyer.

Also, I just spit my coffee all over the room reading that.  :D

tell me how else to make good money :)


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First, I would like to point out that BigLaw is not the only way to make good money as a lawyer.

Also, I just spit my coffee all over the room reading that.  :D

tell me how else to make good money :)

marry rich.

ok, i'm pretty much out until finals are over. 

Good luck guy's! Hope you do well  ;D


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Yeah, thanks for all the insight!