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Adderall for LSAT


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Re: Adderall for LSAT
« Reply #100 on: February 08, 2009, 08:50:23 AM »
the justifications are priceless  :D

first, its a bump to help you with your lsat.  then, wonder of wonders, you get in to a good school with smart people who DIDNT use the adderall on THEIR lsats.

then youre all omg, i cant compete without it, this will determine my future!  so you bump to study, stay alert in class, get your memo written, take the exams.

three years of this and my guess is youre bumping just to get out of bed in the morning.

oh, and btw, everybody in your class KNOWS who's bumping and who's not.....and there is that nagging little thing called the character and fitness disclosure...and the rules of professional responsibility...but who cares about THAT, right?  this will determine your future!

so you graduate and start prepping for the bar....manage to pass the bar and start practice.....have a big case.....

....the list of excuses why you need it never gets any smaller, and that cute lil monkey has turned into a mean-ass gorilla...

but hey, dont listen to me, what do i know.  go ahead and ride that horse, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones.  probably not, but you never know.   besides, its foolish to argue morality, ethics, legality, health issues....the only thing that matters here is getting ahead no matter what the cost!  this is your future!  go for it!

Yes yes yes. 

Good news to read during morning tea time. At least somebody gets it.
People that decide to seek a drug they have no legit medical need for under the delusion that it is a good way to get ahead is funny until those foolish boys and girls fall on their faces quickly and cannot even participate in the ongoing competition. It's sad but I guess it thins the heard and is good because it makes more room for the capable competitors. Darwin had a theory that relates.

Wa wa wa re the BS criticism about moral crusaders, this has very little to do with morals.  Cry your eyes out or something and complain to the brick wall that life is not fair if you feel that way. Become a drug addict or whatever and enjoy it while it lasts I guess.  That type of argument is a lame justification for taking a drug you don't medically need that will 'F up your life if you don't really need it. 

/end of topic until another moron that cannot compete steps in and says something stupid about why to get on drugs.  I like to spar with boys and girls that can actually play in a way that has a fighting chance, otherwise the morning workout is super boring and builds no muscle tone.