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Yes PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE bring the more efficient, user-friendly search function back!!
I have so little time to spend on LSD now so I really want to maximize the time I do have - that search feature was one of the best things about this site!

the scientist:
I, along with many LSD’ers would like to request Andrew to bring back the search button.  LSD’s own search function/button was much superior, in terms of finding accurate matches, than Google powered button.  The old search button had more options and saved valuable time, bandwidth and space.  Now when I have to search for something, google powered button don’t return the accurate results and I (just like so many other members) end up posting the same topic which has been discussed several times before. So please for the love of god, bring back the search button.

Hear hear!  Google search doesn't sort by dates or allow you to pick multiple forums to search.  Very annoying

yes I agree... has anyone figured out a way around it??? DAMIT ANDREW bring back the search function!! Gracias

It's ridiculous to have thousands and thousands of useful posts that are nearly unsearchable.  What the heck?


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