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! B L U E WAR R I O R..!:
vitamin water is awesome...

Julie Fern:
what war they fighting?

Wow, I think this is the first MB I've EVER been to without a search function. What are the future plans regarding this feature? IMO, it is a must have. Otherwise you can't find what you are looking for and you have to ask a bunch of questions that have probably already been asked many times before.

For example, I'm taking the PowerScore virtual online course in May and I am curious as to who has taken it and what they thought of it. Looks like I won't know until the search feature is activated.

Hi all,

I see this post is bit outdated but I'd like to offer couple of solutions:

Solution #1 (temporary) : Google indexes every indexable web page on the entire internet and allows you to search these pages. Since a website is a combination of these individual pages, then you can search the contents of a website (ie: at google without needing a local search functionality in a website. So here is how you can do this : go to and in the search box search : your search term

Solution #2 (permanent) : If the moderators of the board would like any help in restoring the search functionality, I can help you with that. I am an IT Systems Engineer for a large insurance company. I can troubleshoot your Simple Machines Forum installation and fix the issue.
I've started to pursue education in Law. Currently taking LSAT prep course. I find this site to be very helpful in many of my questions and built in search function would be +++.

Please feel free to email me if you need help. 


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