Law School Discussion

Has anyone on this board ever gotten into a Tier 1 school with under a 158 LSAT?

Basically what the title states. I am talking about people with non-URM status as well.

Is there really much difference between schools ranked high 30s-60s?????  It seems like they're mostly regional schools --- I never quite got the random division between Tier 1 and Tier 2.  The old system where T1 indicated the top 25 made more sense to me bc it seems that those schools can claim, to some extent, to be national.

Anyway, Miami sounds like a good school with good weather.  Methinks you should be happy ;)---miami>>>>amherst

ha, Amherst is a joke, as is all of New England. I can't stand cold weather, so i need to get the hell out of here. ;D  And i really doubt there is much difference between going to a low ranked Tier 1, and a high ranked tier 2, but i was just curious. It's more of a personal acheivement thing then anything, just trying to get into a Tier 1. I would be 100% happy working in Miami though, definately want to get out of the northeast for once in my life.

Yes, off a waitlist. But I did not go.

i just want to make it clear that im not a rankings whore, the reason im asking is there is a Tier 1 school i applied to in the area where i want to live, so i figured what the hell!  ;D  But i would never just randomly go to a Tier 1 school in some area because it was Tier 1.

what Tier 1 school did you get into, if you don't mind me asking?

You can get in to SEVERAL tier 1 schools with LSAT under 158 and a high GPA.