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fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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Part of the issue I have w/ Cardozo is the difficulty in retaining scholarships from year to year.  A B+ gpa doesn't leave much room for error. Especially with their whole (unofficial) stacking sections w/ scholarship recipients. Is anyone else worried about this? There's also their really expensive housing(as is most housing in that area and in Manhattan in general). 

As for the St. John's question--is it free Ride vs. 50,000 in scholarship (over three years?) or is 50,000 what you estimate paying for year? 

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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Why Cardozo over Brooklyn?  I probably should be considering Cardozo more, but for some reason I'm not.  What kind of law are you interested in pursuing?

Cardozo really seems to be on the upswing.  I completely agree that Brooklyn has the alumni base, which is huge.  But if you look at Cardozo's rankings over the last 10 years, their climb has been really impressive (plus there jump on the possible 08 rankings)  Thoughts anyone?

I think the scholarship requirements are only a little looser at Brooklyn (40% at Brooklyn vs. 30-40% at Cardozo).
This is what Cardozo publishes:
Class of 2007:
Top 10% 3.541 and above
Top 15% 3.475 "
Top 20% 3.415 "
Top 25% 3.385 "
Top 33 1/3% 3.327 "
Top 50% 3.209 "

Class of 2008:
Top 10% 3.572 and above
Top 15% 3.489 "
Top 20% 3.426 "
Top 25% 3.385 "
Top 33 1/3% 3.343 "
Top 50% 3.204 "

I'd like to do public interest asap after school and not have to give up my life for a few years at firm.

The conventional wisdom is also that US News rankings don't play the role in the public interest world as they do in corporate firms. Yes, corporate firms dig deeper at Fordham, but do public interest organizations? I have not heard a definitive yes.

I'm leaning toward Cardozo pretty much because it's in the middle of Fordham and Brooklyn. It rejects students that Brooklyn accepts, just as Fordham rejects students Cardozo accepts.

Brooklyn has two things going for it though: more alumni and cheap on-campus housing.

Re: the question about St. Johns and Seton Hall. Again, and this may not be true, if you're not looking at a firm, you might not be at a disadvantage compared to higher ranked schools.

And it's all relative. The fact is that the overall student body is stronger at Fordham. Thus firms dig deeper. If you're toward the top at any of these schools, you're set. If you're not going to be at the top, it's better to be at a better ranked school. I don't know how you know where you'll be, but I think you can judge on LSATs, GPA, undergraduate performance, work ability, curiosity, perseverance, etc.

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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ckragreeny, I asked my Cardozo grad officemate who went straight to public interest work if it was a mistake for me to choose Brooklyn over Cardozo.  She said absolutely not and that she regrets not having gone to Brooklyn b/c of their much stronger Loan Repayment Assistance Program.  Cardozo's is almost non-existant whereas Brooklyn's as almost as strong as Fordham's.  Though, I will say a public-interest student at Cardozo said that he would bet that by the time we graduate it would be much, much stronger.  I was supposed to call Leslie Thrope (?) in their public interest department about this, but haven't.  If you are planning to go into public interest straight away, you might want to find out what the story is.  That is, assuming you'll be footing the bill for law school.
Thanks whomever (can't see on my screen below) for the breakdown of 3.3 vs. 40%. That's good to know even if it does make this decision that much more difficult.

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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Excellent discussion.

I'm still waiting to hear from Fordham but the main reasons why I picked Brooklaw over Cardozo is due to its top 40% stipulation for keeping my scholarship and its housing. Feli Hall looks amazing, especially compared to other housing options in the NYC market.

Plus, Brooklyn Heights is 2-4 express subway stops away from Wall Street, Chinatown, Astor Square, Union Square, Herald Square (Koreatown) and Times Square. The 4/5 is an express train that comes pretty regularly. A late night taxi cab ride from Union Square to BLS is only about 10-15 minutes. My point is that location wise, BLS and Cardozo are similar enough to the point that inexpensive new housing tipped the point for me. 

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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From what I can tell, Cardozo's LRAP program is the least amount of total money (maybe $5,000-$10,000 less than Fordham/Brooklyn over the five years), but you can do government or non-profit work, whereas Fordham and Brooklyn are only non-profit. When I spoke to Leslie Thrope, she said the LRAP program is of the utmost importance to her, so I imagine it will improve over the next few years.

I agree that Brooklyn's housing is incredible, and Brooklyn Heights is close to Manhattan, but I already live in Manhattan and can say that I would never see any of my friends again if I moved to Brooklyn. But that's just me.

And I agree with Tuttipoopoo about being certain about public interest/biglaw. There is no doubt in my mind that if you have an inkling of interest in biglaw, FOrdham's the place to go. (unless you think you'll do much better at Brooklyn/Cardozo)

EDIT: Another thing I thought of: If you're not in the top 30%/40% at Cardozo/Brooklyn to keep your scholarship, you probably won't be in the top 30% at Fordham to be "guaranteed" biglaw. So you'll have to work hard no matter where you choose to go. But, it's much easier to be top 40% at Brooklyn than any of the other schools.

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Excellent discussion. I too am waiting to here from Fordham but I will be sending in my seat deposit to Brooklyn and choosing it over Cardozo. Student body seemed more chill and less competitive. I will also be commuting from Manhattan (38th and first)and am not worried about this 25 minute commute at all.

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Mgilly--if you get into Fordham will you go?  I so want to say see you in the fall to someone, but it looks like no one's fully committed yet.  I guess in a way neither am I, as I'll probably still be thinking about this decision until the other schools' seat deposit due dates pass. 


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Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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I would recommend not making a decision based on an LRAP unless you really know all the fine print. Fordham does have a relatively attractive LRAP program, for instance, but what they don't tell you is that they only enroll four students per year in it.

Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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In all the fine print I read and people I spoke to, I never heard that.  How did you find that out?


Re: fordham vs. brooklyn ($$)
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I had the same issue earlier with Bklyn, Cardozo, and Fordham (not heard from Fordham yet) and it looks like Im leaning towards Cardozo. While initially I was almost sure that I was going to Cardozo, after the Bklyn admitted students day, I was impressed with the facilities and def the housing. I spoke to a partner at a former firm I was working at and she said that Cardozo is a better choice. I guess as of now Im going to Cardozo in the fall, but I still havent heard from BU and Fordham.