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please pick.....

Fordham PT
19 (48.7%)
Santa Clara (10k)
20 (51.3%)

Total Members Voted: 39

(POLL this time) Fordham PT vs. Santa Clara (10k)

Re: (POLL this time) Fordham PT vs. Santa Clara (10k)
« Reply #10 on: March 18, 2007, 07:52:41 PM »

Also, there may be NO truth to this, but you assume top 30% at either school.  The intellect of the Fordham student body will be greater as a whole, given the much higher admission requirements.  Therefore, while there may be no direct relationship (I've never done or seen studies on it), I'd assume you'd rank higher at SCU than at Fordham, given the same effort.

Just my $.02. 

I agree absolutely, not to knock on SCU. If I knew this poll would be as popular as it's been, I probably would have said "Assume top 1/4 at SCU, top 1/2 at Fordham." (again, one must arguably assume SOME rank @ the schools to make a fair vote). At the time, wanted to keep it as simple as possible to garner more votes. Thanks for all the input, it's very telling. I think alot of IP'ers are in similar (rank vs. specialty) situations.