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Any advantage to foreign students?

Re: Any advantage to foreign students?
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Re: Any advantage to foreign students?
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It would sure be nice to get a couple of extra pts. for being foreign. I don't think whites/Asians get as much of a free ride as darker boys and girls, but there may be a slight advantage to being different.
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Re: Any advantage to foreign students?
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2. you must define rare

I have seen many Korean students applying for LS

3. what does M&A or FTA has got to do with all this?

I am quite certain there is no AA for Koreans

I was talking about Korean students who are straight from Korea, and got full education in Korea. Not Korean Americans.
M&A and Free trade have a lot to do with this. Who's the middle men when companies take over another ones across border? Lawyers. especially American lawyers. If there's lack of American lawyers who can represent Korean companies, then the market becomes inefficient. That's why I'm saying US law schools might have an incentive to choose Koreans.

I think that Koreans would be competing with Korean Americans and it's unlikely they would be differentiated on race alone (rather than, for eg, spectacular soft factors). I also think that law schools don't recruit for any of the reasons you have listed above and that a lack of American lawyers is a big stretch of the imagination for any of us.

I'm a black foreigner and I'm really hoping I get a boost, mainly because the money issue varies so much from school to school and it would be great to have options.
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Re: Any advantage to foreign students?
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I assume that I probably wouldn't get much, if any, advantage being an immigrant from Belarus? I moved to the US when I was 13, so I've been here for 10 years.