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BU vs. Wisconsin ($) vs. Loyola-Chicago ($$) vs. Kent ($$$) - HELP ME

Actual cost breakdown for each for 3 years (including cost of living and applicable scholarships):

BU: $155,400
Wisconsin: $103,140
Loyola: $106,500 (although I can probably barter for more to make comparable cost to Kent)
Kent: $82,500

I'm from the midwest, but wouldn't mind practicing either there or out east.  I just want a good job when I graduate (BIGLAW).  I don't need a concrete decision because I'm waiting on other schools still, but can someone help me at least eliminate some?  I've visited Loyola, Kent, and Wisconsin, but I'm currently planning on going back to Loyola and Kent for ASW in the next two weeks.  Should I even bother going?  First impression told me I liked Loyola more than Kent but I'm trying harder to like Kent now because of how cheap it is.  Somebody give me some advice here (it can be a few words or a few paragraphs).  Anything is appreciated.

Re: BU vs. Wisconsin ($) vs. Loyola-Chicago ($$) vs. Kent ($$$) - HELP ME
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BU is probably the most prestigious of that group, but I wouldn't pay that much more to go to school there unless you were pretty committed to practicing in the east, specifically Boston or New York. In addition, it seems like there's a lot tying you to the midwest (family, significant other, etc) so that's a serious consideration too.

My brother is currently a 3L at Wisconsin - if you haven't visited, Madison is beautiful (although cold in the winter) and it has a great college town feel. Even among grad students there's a noticeable sense of pride in the school (often tied to athletics) that seems to be missing generally from smaller, urban law schools like Kent and Loyola. If you're a school spirit type, I'd recommend Wisconsin. From his experience it seems that UW has good placement at big firms in Chicago (and excellent placement at firms in Milwaukee).

I don't know as much about Loyola or Kent, although being located right in Chicago is convenient for on-campus interviewing, and if you can get more money out of them it might be your best move.

Re: BU vs. Wisconsin ($) vs. Loyola-Chicago ($$) vs. Kent ($$$) - HELP ME
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I'll probably be at DePaul Kent or Loyola (likihood probably in that order?)

But out of those choices I'd vote for Wisconsin - it certainly won't put you at a career disadvantage (it could only help -- besides Northwestern, MSU and Penn St I figure the Big 10 schools are all on the same level, and that's pretty darn respectble anywhere in the Midwest, right???--), and I don't know whether or not you used a generic figure for rent and living expenses but Madison should be much more practical and affordable for the student lifestyle than Chicago.

Don't know if that helps much - you probably already figured this in and I'm being captain obvious.

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