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Seton Hall vs Widener vs Syracuse

Seton Hall vs Widener vs Syracuse
« on: March 11, 2007, 07:16:10 PM »
As it stands for me right now I am considering either Syracuse, Widener (no money) or Seton Hall part time as places where I will be going to school next year. I need to put a deposit down at one of these. I have also been wait-listed at PSU Dickinson, Rutgers-Camden where I would really like to go and have been deferred at Rutgers-Newark another top choice because of price.
The only other school I'm waiting to hear from is Nova and that is a reach.

As for where I want to practice the place for me would be Philadelphia area. I unfortunately  did not get into Temple (not that shocked) or Drexel (This suprised me a bit)

Anyways any insight from the peanut gallery hear at LSD would be greatly appreciated as I am a long time lurker and respect the opinions here