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Has Anyone Heard From Hastings?

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Has anyone heard from UC-Hastings?

I got my acceptance in the mail on 3/18.


I am also waiting to hear...

I can't imagine what is going on, probably a wait list deal or something...

Good luck,


;D  Hastings remains the one bright spot on my list of schools... I have a 161/3.8, app was complete with hastings around 3/1 and got an admit by 3/14...three days before notification that my application had been completed!  Strangely, I was rejected from Brooklyn Law School, among many other more predictable rejections...

Chris N.:
Admitted at Hastings, trying to decide between it and Cornell.  Three years in beautiful San Francisco versus three years in frozen wasteland plus graduate with higher debt.  Still, ranking is ranking.....what to do, what to do....


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