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What does a St. John's acceptance look like? How much stuff does Hofstra send?

When I got home today I had a note from UPS that I missed a delivery.  I haven't ordered anything and am not epecting any packages so I got excited that it might be a thick law school envelope.  Using the tracking number I figured out that the package origin was in Uniondale, NY.  Could it be from St. Johns...or probably Hofstra?  I already got my Tshirt from Hofstra, do they send another package?

What is in my UPS???

I'm guessing that is DEFINITELY Hofstra...Uniondale is just beside Hempstead.

Hofstra sends a TON of crap after the initial acceptance package, shirt; financial info., seminars, etc. all of which come in a large envelope.

That is clearly a perverted mental game.  I don't want to play the big envelope tease game when I have five applications pending.

probably nothing loser

It was a birthday present, thanks for the kind thoughts HofAss

I wish stetson sent me a tshirt ;)