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is it possible to read your letters of recommendation after they are processed? i can't seem to get to it.



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I dont think you can, its part of what you sign in the form that goes along with your letters.


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Yes and NO, what nathanielmark said is true, there is a portion on the application that deals with this. However you can opt (not recommended by any means) to be able to read your recommender's commentary on you. In other words in the section that your LOR's are located there usually is a box that you check that enables or disables you from looking at that particular LOR (this mark is codified upon signing the document, btw). The reason why yu should opt NOT to see your LOR is because this demonstrates a sign of distrust in the person that gave you them and law schools know that you wanted to see the LOR as well making it unofficial documentation IMO, but you have the right (usually) either way.
My suggestion is you just ask the people that filled out an LOR for you and find out (summarily) what they said about you.
Hope this sheds light on your question, GOOD LUCK!  :)
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Thanks very much. I won't look. I trust him. I'm just really curious.


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I know I'm annoying with these questions, but now I have another issue.

I took the LSAT for the first time in 1997, still not fully recovered from a head injury. I got a 159.

I INTENTIONALLY put all law school aspirations off until the time had come that the old score would drop off. Yet, the LSAC report kept the old score and averaged them.

I thought scores more than five years old were not supposed to show up/be counted? Is there something I have to do to get rid of that?


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I have a score from 5+ years ago also.  I think most schools will take the recent one into account only.


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on my application, I only listed the recent score, because I thought the other wasn't valid anyway. Now will the school think I was being intentionally deceptive?


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I would give them a call and explain the situation. tell them you were under the assumption that only scores within the past 5 years were valid, so you did not reference your original score in your application, but now realize that it will be included in your LSDAS report and you want to make sure they realize you were not trying to be intentionally deceptive. 

i wouldnt think this would be necessary, but its a precautionary thing to do and should also rest your mind about it.


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we must think alike. I just called them and said almost word for word what your post says.

first of all, she recognized my name, and sounded aware of the situation. then she told me that it's not going to make a difference. Which makes me think that they just put my rejection in the mail.

oh well. I hadn't originally planned on applying this year anyway.


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by the way, thank you very much. I appreciate your advice.