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The Lights

The Lights
« on: February 26, 2007, 12:09:05 PM »
My story begins in downtown manhattan at the location of my Dec. 06 test.  I was put in a room with 20 or so other students.  We sat at small desks.  The desks were so small that I clipped my LSAC-approved timer onto my jeans.  Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend doing that as my timer hit the ground and shattered at some point during the 3rd section...

The lowlight of my test taking experience, though, revovled around the lights.  At my test center, the lights were motion sensitive.  Apparently, test taking does not require a lot of motion, for every 15 minutes or so, the lights would go out, the room becoming pitch black.  Everyone in the room would shake their arms rapidly and the lights would jump on a few moments later.  The proctor never found a way to remedy this and so, for the entirety of the test the lights would go out at various times.  I am not sure what is worse though.  The fact that the lights went out or the constant worrying that they were just about to. 

My performance could have been better, and while I am not blaming the conditions, I would like to think that my retaking of the test in Feb. went somewhat better.

The moral of the story?  try to sway back and forth while taking the test...just in case...


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That sucks


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Or how about the lazy, female dog-ass proctor walk around periodically?

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Test center complaint?

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I'm pretty sure that had you studied using the Force, the lights wouldn't have posed an issue. I'm to the point now where I only lose 2-4 points while taking the LSAT blindfolded...

sorry, must have been a horrible experience.  :-\

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I never post, but this thing about the timer hitting the floor had me laughing; add in the lights, OMFGGGGG, I'm dying, hahaha  ;D