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A little peer advice never hurt...

A little peer advice never hurt...
« on: February 24, 2007, 09:20:21 AM »
Hello all.

Along with the usual upcoming law school jitters, I'm having some trouble deciding what school to attend.  I'm planning on visiting one next week (SLU) and a couple others throughout March.  I'm employed as a therapist, so getting time off work can be difficult sometimes.  I know my general feel from the schools that I visit will help make my decision for me, but I'd like to get some input anyway.

So far, these are the schools I've gotten into:

Kent (&)
St. Louis University (&&)
University of Cincinatti ($)
DePaul ($$)
Case Western (no word yet)
Indiana U - Indianapolis (no word yet)

I'm waitlisted at Loyola and deferred at Ohio State (sent them a continuing letter and an additional recc).  I'm still waiting to hear back from Iowa.  If Iowa takes me (which I'm praying they do as I like the town and have heard good things about the school), I'd probably lean towards there.

Any insights into the above (job prospects, student attitude, comfort of the city, etc.)?  I know all are pretty regional.  I'm leaning towards government work right now -- I'm interested in a career as a prosecutor.  I'm not too picky about the region I go to, as long as it's in a mid sized to major metro market.