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$$ Value of a Rutgers, Seton Hall, etc.

$$ Value of a Rutgers, Seton Hall, etc.
« on: February 23, 2007, 02:26:35 PM »
I am interested in getting people's input on the value of these schools in terms of my current situation: I want to live and work in NYC, but from these schools, the opportunity for NYC is limited to the cream of the cream of the crop (and we all know that hard work does not necessarily = good grades, PARTICULARLY in law school).

Considering many people have stated, there is no guarantee of top 10-20% rank at these schools.  I was an Economics major and am doing business consulting; while I do have an interest in being a lawyer, I also expected the profession to provide for $$ me (however, Mr. LSAT surely prevented this guarantee for me) and intended to get into a better school which would provide improved opportunity professionally.  Really, I don't know how much improved professional opportunity these NJ schools can provide.

So...making $60,000 right out of undergrad and being able to work in NYC, do you think it is a good idea for a Rutgers or Seton Hall; the clerkship rates are alarmingly high and the reality is that students below the top quarter to third of this class make just this much or only slightly more.  I just don't know if the cost of law school and the 3 years is worth it to me from an economic sense. 

Re: $$ Value of a Rutgers, Seton Hall, etc.
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From your post, I guess the question is, are you going to law school just for the money?  If you want to make money, I think the wise choice is to stay at your current profession, do the best you can, and move up within your firm.  The risk of going to Seton Hall and Rutgers is that you may not be able to work in NYC unless you finish at the top of your class.  But if your set on being a lawyer and don't really mind NJ, then you should go for it.  But economically, it's not the best decision since you already have something good going for you and no debt at this moment.  Good luck.

Re: $$ Value of a Rutgers, Seton Hall, etc.
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I think the schools you listed will not provide you with much better opportunities than you already have, considering the costs of attending those schools (both explicit and implicit). I think it would be wiser for you to stay in your current profession.

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If you have a strong desire to be a lawyer and you are confident in your ability to be a good one, I would say definitely pick one of those two schools.  10 years from now your life should be more aligned with the picture you have in mind today.  Sure, the job opportunities out of a T2 are not amazing, but they're not bad either.  If you prove yourself your first few years out of law school you will start making better money.  Also if you are a hard worker, you will be able to impress the firm(s) you get a job with during the summer in law school and that can also lead to an offer or two.

Re: $$ Value of a Rutgers, Seton Hall, etc.
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maybe with work experience, you might get some form of merit/grant aid at these schools?  ;D

but if you get no aid, then i prob wouldnt leave your job.  If you were flexible about NYC and would consider NJ then i would say do it, but if your dead set on  NYC then i agree with Lonewolf.  you really do have to be in the top 10% to get a job in NYC coming out of these schools. a know ppl at both schools, and thats pretty much what they've told me.  however, its reasonable to expect to get a job in NJ making 80-90K.

I feel like an MBA might make more sense at this pt. it's less expensive and will force your employer to raise your salary in most cases.