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Is the legal job market really that bad (jdjive)

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Jackie Chiles, ESQ.:

--- Quote from: dahorns on February 19, 2007, 09:12:17 PM ---I wouldn't base much on JDjive.  For the most part it is inane banter.  It also seems mainly to consist of people attending t4, and lower t3 schools.  Obviously the job market is going to be rougher for this segment of the population particularly in Cali and New York, where the majority of those posters appear to be from.

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Julie Fern:
something against inane banter?

It's no secret that the job market's not as good as it once was, but there are still legal jobs out there to be had.  About half of my 2012 graduating class (and nearly all of the staff of the 2012 law review at my law school), secured legal jobs after graduating.  I doubt that most of them are making 6 figure starting salaries, but they're still doing pretty well for themselves.  Besides, in a small and inexpensive market (Valparaiso, Indiana in my case), $60k-$70k a year goes a very long way.

I disagree with sonnyhodgin.  I graduated in 2011 from a school ranked 35th by U.S. News, passed my state's bar exam (and took a 2nd, which is pending), and can't find ANY job.  If one more person tells me I'm not trying hard enough I'll scream.  Right now I'm interning (for free) for a bankruptcy judge, going into the office every weekday, and often put in time on the weekends.  He's even published two of my "draft opinions."  I honestly don't know what more I can do.  At this point, I would happily take any job (even one paying around 30-40k/year).  If anyone has ideas for me, please share them.  Thanks



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