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Is the legal job market really that bad (jdjive)

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Has anyone here visited This site seems to be filled with people complaining at the job market for people with JD's. Is it really as bad as they make it seem. What about for people looking at upper tier 2 schools?

could you elaborate a little bit more?

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Jackie Chiles, ESQ.:
they speak about these things:

- how every school not in the first tier gets you no job at all

- every school besides T1 leaves you unemployable and stuck taking temporary document review jobs for 35-45k/year in conditions similiar to a sweatshop - or doing insurance defense which to them is dispicable

- how people have no money after being over 100k in debt from what they think is a useless school

I wouldn't base much on JDjive.  For the most part it is inane banter.  It also seems mainly to consist of people attending t4, and lower t3 schools.  Obviously the job market is going to be rougher for this segment of the population particularly in Cali and New York, where the majority of those posters appear to be from.


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