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not that i am shocked [i guess they are picky even with part-time] but it kind of sucks to starts the cycle on a rejection  ???

they do have a quick turn around time though. i went complete only about a month ago

they sent it to my house though so dont expect to hear from them at your school address.  and no e-mail.  i guess they only e-mail acceptences.  :o

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I'm kind of shocked you got flat out denied with your great GPA!

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Wow, given your numbers and PT, that is very surprising...

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yeah who knows.
i guess they must give preference to ppl who have been out of school or who are working full time. 
 they may also keep a lot of spots open for people who they reject from full-time but allow to enter part-time.
let's hope brookyln goes better..i never got a good vibe from Fordham anyway for some reason.  :-[

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i get the feeling that their part-time program is under pressure this year to up their numbers compared to the full-time.  there is a thread somewhere about how the fculty are trying to change the process so its much harder to transition from part-time into full-time..also, fordham seems to be a very hot school this year for whatever the reason [judging my how much it is on these boards]
it is probably a combo of all these factors but yeah a WL would have been nice!

the other thing is that fordham is the first school i applied to right after the Dec LSAT and when i applied i attached a personal statement that i later revised.  i emailed the new statement 5 days later and asked that it replace the origicnal statement [the new one was obv much better and more powerful] i sent the newer PS to every other school on the original app. So i called the admissions office after and asked if they got the email and changed it and the woman just said that all the emails had been opened and that it must have been changed.
so i guess i'll never know if they did in fact get the new one. sometimes you just have bad luck

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Why didn't you apply to St. John's and/or Seton Hall?  I'd think both of those would be a great back up to Brooklyn if it didn't work out.

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Your theories are intersting.  I have much lower numbers than you and got deferred - but - I have been out of school for seven years and working full time.  Who knows?  I could get rejected next week too.

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I wonder if Fordham realizes how many people are using the PT as a backdoor into the FT and are therefore not admitting those who are borderline and didn't mark down they will have to work during law school.

Just a thought.

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i think your completely right.  that's why i always thoght my chances were iffy.   i think they have been getting a lot of criticism for having a program that appears to be that way.  ppl are transferring into full-time and the students who start in full-time and the professors are getting a bit annoyed with it. 
that being said, i would def have been one of those ppl who would have transferred to FT in second!

they want to make it more a traditional PT program like the one at Georgetown seems to be.  thats just the vibe i have been getting.

in regards to ther schools...i looked at St johns and SH but i thought that Rutgers Newark was the best of the three.  It seemed the cheapest option since neither of the other schools would really have any incentive to give me any money to go there.   i mean Newark is only 15 mins which is almost just as easy as living in queens i think. 

but yeah i kind of hope to get into Temple at this pt.  its in a city which is what i want, and not crazy $$ and still good prospects for jobs.  i screwed up the lsat but i feel like my gpa from college will be a good indicator of how i will do in law class's as well just a bad standardized test-taker so i think ill be in the top part of the class at law school so not too worried about jobs.   I'm not set on staying in CT and am not opossed to working in Phili  [or if i somehow did really well NYC]

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Several months back I attended a panel discussion.  An admin. guy from Fordham was there.  He was asked directly about transferring from PT to FT, and he said that it can be done but they were working to discourage it.  The other issue he mentioned was with PT students who don't actually work full-time jobs.  He had to attend a meeting with "real" PT students who were complaining about these "fake" PT students.  From that discussion, i gleaned that they were trying to fill the PT program with students who actually needed to go PT ie, non-trad with families etc.