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Re: U. Chicago ASW 2007
« Reply #340 on: April 20, 2007, 07:53:33 PM »
haha, when annonymous met me he was like "you seemed like such a shy and reserved person on LSD". that is so not my reputation at chicago at all.

just a note about the dean and the conservative reputation; the dean is not mean AT ALL in class (and the way he acted at ASW is completely the way he is in class, so you have that to look forward to!). one time, i think he inadvertantly called a gunner in our torts class stupid, but he immediately apologized even though everyone else in the class was laughing (you can tell how much everyone in the class loved to make fun of the student in question). also, while the contingent of conservatives here might be more then other schools, it's still a significant minority from what i've found. i know maybe 4-5 1Ls who are self-described conservatives and maybe four times as many liberals, including myself.

Wow, I just realized who you are. Didn't make the connection before with your screen name. Did you get that brief finished?

I hope all your parties aren't as lame as the one at Rock Bottom! Waiting for that bus was torture. j/k

I'm still undecided. Care to make a last minute pitch? I'm (hopefully) going to make a decision by Monday.

-S. K.