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Who didnít study the week of the LSAT?

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Who didnít study the week of the LSAT?
« on: February 07, 2007, 04:54:49 PM »
How many people have NOT studied the week prior to taking the/a LSAT?  Past or Present?  How did you perform?  Regrets?  No difference?

Maybe I am feeling guilty, but I havenít studied a lick this week.  I have logged countless hours since Oct / Nov 2006 and I am flat burned-out.  I took a PS weekend cram course two weeks ago.  But two weeks isnít enough time to cram in the homework.  I am a first time taker as well.  Maybe Iíll learn a lesson and retake in Sep 07?

Am I the only to ever do this? 


I just read the other post on the same topic...sorry!

I tried deleting it, but oh well.