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In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*


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Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #20 on: February 14, 2007, 07:26:50 AM »
Most people stay in Denver and find jobs pretty quick. It isn't too expensive to live. There are of course those areas that are really pricey and then some that aren't. You just have to figure out what you want to spend on rent. I love Denver and I think it is a great city. CONGRATS on the acceptance, I am praying to get one from them as well...


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Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #21 on: February 14, 2007, 07:37:15 AM »
it's a big move.
i don't know anyone there or anything about the city.
i've lived in dallas/ft worth for about 7 yrs and smu would be so convenient

Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #22 on: March 21, 2007, 02:36:03 PM »
I have lived in Denver for the past 7 years.  Denver apartment searching is really not to difficult.  The rental market crashed a few years ago, so their are a lot of rental units on the market.  If you are interested in buying, condo appreciation rates are flat everywhere except the city core.  I would not buy a condo anywhere except for the city neighborhoods. Even then, I would stay away from condo's.

In my opinion sites like are pretty lousy.  Apartments management companies pay for the service- In my experience, the only thing they are going to direct you towards are ugly 50's apartment complexes in strip mall areas. Or new builds behind a home depot.

I personally would avoid Littleton and some of the other Denver suburbs.  Denver is an awesome city, but our suburbs are lame.  I think Craig's list is the best option for apartment hunting.  That and driving around the neighborhoods.  The challenge with DU is the surrounding neighborhoods have become hot places to live.  Typical student housing has been scraped and replaced with large single family homes. 

Personally, I like the city neighborhoods.  My suggestion is to look for a place between DU and the city.

Although, if you have a few friends - there is some good rental opportunities around the University and in neighborhoods such as West Wash Park.

Denver is a great city to commute by bike. 

Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #23 on: March 21, 2007, 04:13:29 PM »
Thanks for the info Yinzer. Do you think it would be too difficult to live as far away as DTC, or Cherry Creek during my first year as a law student. It seems like there are really nice places out there for a lot cheaper. And I know the Light rail runs from both spots to DU. Or, should I suck it up and live as close to campus as possible for my first year?
Thanks again

Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #24 on: March 22, 2007, 03:57:11 PM »
DTC or cherry creek?

It really depends on the type atmosphere your looking for.  DTC is total suburbia.  Strip malls, franchise restaurants the whole bit.  However, the light rail does run out there and I am sure apartments are reasonable. 

Depending on where you are looking in Cherry Creek is going to dictate price.  Cherry creek is one of the spendier areas of Denver.  It has boutique shops, a mall, bars and restaurants and is much more urban than DTC. It is only five miles or so from the law school.  I am sure there is reasonable bus transportation and driving shouldn't be to bad non-rush hour.

The community surrounding the law school is pretty nice.  I'm not sure what the rental market is but if you did decide to live there- you probably wouldn't be disappointed.

Friends of mine that have attended DU have lived all over the city.  It really depends on what you are looking for in a neighborhood and how far you are willing to drive.

I hope that helps.


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Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #25 on: March 22, 2007, 04:28:34 PM »
I think with most scholarships at DU the requirment to keep them is a minimum 3.0 (this GPA basically ensures that you fall in or very near the top 50% of the class).

Remember to keep the 3.0 in perspective, while the curve mandates that the average grade in each first year class basically has to be a B, in a class of 90 people the professor could give almost half of the class an A and the other half a C to meet the curve requirment.  I know a few students who were surprised at the end of this first semester because keeping a 3.0 in law school is a LOT harder than keeping a 3.0 in undergrad or even a masters program is. 

If you have other scholarship offers that don't have a GPA requirment at other schools I would look at those very seriously, however remember that law school is also about finding a job after it's all over so if those other schools with $$$ and no GPA requirment to keep the $$$ don't have a very succesful job placement rate then that may not be the best choice either.  DU is pretty good with making sure that everyone can get loans to cover their tuititon and cost of living so if you lose a scholarship you would be able to supplement the cost with loans- however it would be debt that you're taking on so that would of course be another consideration.

If you really like DU and want to go and they offered you money then I say give it a shot.

i hate curves.  i'm in the top half of my class here with a 2.73, but since its not in the 3.0 range i feel like a dork.

Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #26 on: March 22, 2007, 07:31:19 PM »
When I was looking for apts last year, I only looked at DTC and Cherry Creek.  I settled on DTC because of the drive and cost.  There is hardly any traffic (15 mins to DU during rush hour and 5-10 mins any other time) and the grocery stores, malls, and lightrail are conveniently located.  I don't know what you consider traffic but Denver traffic isn't that bad. . .however, Denver has more slow drivers than any place I've ever lived.  I liked Cherry Creek too but wanted to save a few bucks.  Look around, I have friends who live downtown who are perfectly happy paying and commuting for the convience of downtown living.  Other areas to check out (that others mentioned already) are Washington Park and Capital Hill.

Yes, the curve sucks but it's the realities of law school (except the select few) and sometimes it can actually help you out.

Oh, and I got into DU with EXTREMELY low numbers (Below 3.0 GPA/150 LSAT).  I actually got accepted through a conditional summer program (I think due to my essay and/or diversity).  I was told by the director of that program that they were doing it again pending budget approval.  The point is, DU accepts people for different reasons, not JUST numbmers.  Remember that once you get here, it's a clean slate and nobody will bring up your UGPA/LSAT. . .nobody really cares.  Good luck! 8)

Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #27 on: March 23, 2007, 09:47:26 AM »

I agree that the condo market in LoDo and some of the other city neighborhoods is not a bad investment.  Although, I think it is important to tread lightly when considering a condo in the Denver area.

For one, during the real estate boom - many apartments buildings converted to condo's increasing the amount of supply in the market.  Also, the downtown area - the best place for the condo market is saturated with new units.

Couple that with Colorado's foreclosure problem and real estate generally is flatening after many years of very good appreciation.

My point is - I doubt you will see a lot of appreciation in a condo during three years of law school. 


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Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #28 on: March 23, 2007, 10:03:58 AM »
I did a rent v. buy calculation before starting law school, and based on the current, fairly flat rates, it was a pretty break even proposition.  I dont think the rates have changed significantly in the last year, but I could be wrong.  There are plenty of calculators that will help w/this type of equation.  Im sure if you look at 5+ years buying is the best proposition - but that is assuming you plan to stay in Denver.  Most DU grads do stay in Denver. 

If you do buy I think the greater downtown area offers a bit more value that the Tech Center, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, etc.  THose places are pretty bland suburbia (IMO) and dont offer anything unique. My boyfriend recently bought a condo downtown, and has seen solid appreciation as a result of some new nearby units.  Those new units are selling for a TON per square ft., which drastically increased his value.  So... I wouldnt assume that just b/c new condo units are being developed, it will hurt prices. 

I chose to go the route of renting.  I got a place downtown, which turned out to be a good decision for me.  I dont have to worry about unexpected expenses such as an increase in monthly HOA fees, a broken fridge, etc.  I stuck my small amount of equity in the bank so I could buy when I graduate.

If you rent it is really a decision between downtown, WashPark/CherryCreek (near campus), and suburbia (DTC, Littleton, Englewood, etc).  I personally love living downtown and fortunately my commute is not too painful.  IT literally takes me 10 minutes to get to school in the morning, but 20 - 35 during the evening rush hour. To avoid this, you have to leave after 7 (which unfortunately I have been doing a lot of lately).  The commute largely depends on WHERE downtown you live. 

Most of my friends live right near campus... there are many obvious pluses to this. 

As for DTC and suburbia - I also know of a few students who live here and seem happy, so it all depends on what you want.  These areas are VERY nice - new Targets, Best Buys, Grocery's...  all that kinds of stuff.  They are generally newer and clean complexes.


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Re: In at Univ. of Denver *interesting*
« Reply #29 on: March 23, 2007, 03:23:32 PM »
I sure do hope that DU looks at something besides my numbers. My GPA is pretty good, 3.4 but my LSAT is below 150. I am a URM. I have been complete for almost 2 months. No word yet! I am really nervous because they are pretty much my only shot at law school. I have to stay in Colorado. And I know CU is pretty much impossible. Hey, did anyone's status checker change when they got the acceptance? THANKS!