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I am curious to know if 'dispute resolution' is a part of the field of law that is still used frequently.

The reason is because I am thinking about applying to Pepperdine and noticed they have an excellent dispute resolution program.  However, how much does dispute resolution get used in the field now, and in the market altogether?

Also, can someone please define it for me specifically (is it like mediation, or a step before litigation?) Also, any thoughts on Pepperdine????? Thanks!

As for your other question the definition or what dispute resolution actually refers to:

In simple terms disputer resolution is an all encompassing term to discribe the overall methods at wich the resolutions are made in other words to quote a legal dictionary:

"A catchall term that describes a number of methods used to resolve disputes out of court, including negotiation, conciliation, mediation and the many types of arbitration. The common denominator of all ADR [alternative dispute resolution] methods is that they are faster, less formalistic, cheaper and often less adversarial than a court trial. In recent years the term Alternative Dispute Resolution [and/or  DR itself] has begun to lose favor in some circles and ADR has come to mean Appropriate Dispute Resolution. The point of this semantic change is to emphasize that ADR methods stand on their own as effective ways to resolve disputes and should not be seen simply as alternatives to a court action" (  

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info!!! Any thoughts on Pepperdine? Since it has such a strong dispute resolution program?

Is it a strong school altogether with everything at hand, such as being one of many schools in LA, 3rd tier, etc etc.  Is is still a reputable and prestigious school?


I believe Pererdine, is in the proper location to garner many DR attorneys.  They have a very prestigious program for it, despite being theird tier overall in the LA county it would probably rank around the top 3 law schools in dispute resolution.  I live in Tucson, AZ and I was thinking about going to Peperdine even though I am shooting for IVY league.  To me, Peperdine's faculties already fall into this rare category.  I say Peperdine all the way, CaliLaw! Good  Luck!!

Dispute resolution is an increasingly important part of the practrice of law, although it is not yet (ever?) going to be dominant in the practice.  But, it is a great field.

Ohio State University has one of the nation's best dispute resolution programs (and publishes the Journal on Dispute Resolution).  The Dean, Nancy Rogers, is one of the foremost persons in the field, and Ohio State has a rich curriculum in the field, with four other active dispute resolution experts on the faculty.


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