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Hispanics and AA

Hispanics and AA
« on: January 18, 2007, 07:46:56 AM »
Good morning,

I'm sure this is on here somewhere already so I apologize for repeating a question that might be answered elsewhere, but could someone possibly comment on the role of AA in admissions as relates to Hispanic (particularly Puerto Rican) applicants.  I am just trying to reastically determine where to apply, and since I know it's a factor I'd like to know how strong a factor it is.

I'm a Puerto Rican female from an economically disadvantaged background, graduated with a relatively low GPA but a 170 on the LSATs... if that helps any.  I'm obviously just beginning this process so I thought I'd get some basic feedback.

Thank you!


Re: Hispanics and AA
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Should post in the applications board.

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Re: Hispanics and AA
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Puerto Ricans (along w/ Mexican-Americans) get the biggest bumps among Hispanics from AA (though apparently the boost for Puerto Ricans primarily goes to mainlanders and not those who live on the island).  You might want to check and search among the few Puerto Rican profiles on the site.  I would say don't rely on the boost too much though.  While you do get a boost, the amount you're boosted can vary and as with any applicant it's best to just put your best foot forward without relying on AA to carry you through.  With a 170 LSAT you're very much on your way to being a competitive applicant.  I wish you luck with your cycle.