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Market on eBay for used LSAT books


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Market on eBay for used LSAT books
« on: January 14, 2007, 07:54:15 AM »
This is more of an informative post, just an FYI.

I bought several books off of ebay, LGB, LRB, PS Ultimate Setups Guide and bought NOVA at Borders.

These books weren't exactly cheap, $30-45 apiece, but I put them all on eBay used and completely filled out (except the ultimate setups guide, no need to write in that and the NOVA only had marks in the RC section) and I ended up selling them seperately for about $90 total + shipping costs.

I paid maybe $120-140 total for them all new. So basically the net cost of all my study materials (and getting a 168 LSAT score) was about $30-50.

Can't beat that! I know apps are expensive, so if you have old books, put them on eBay and don't let them sit around and gather dust! That $90 was an additional app for me. :)

Maybe this should have gone in the For Sale section, but no one checks there.