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SFLSD: Oh! The inhumanities.

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--- Quote from: Gengiswump on April 26, 2012, 05:51:44 PM ---Wait, your post count is 139 - are you d-dubbing now?  Do I need to quote you so I won't look like I'm talking to myself?

Huh.  Do you like it?  The mods always had such an Oz-like persona. :D

--- End quote ---

I d-dubbed for the third time down to just a few posts, got back up to 20-something before becoming a mod, and this is what's built up (can't d-dub as a mod unless you go to each individual thread, since there's no option to view my own posts) over the last 11 months. No *&^%. It's that f-ing dead.

As far as the power goes: stunning abuses of power. Absolutely stunning. But I mainly take it out on the spammers, who deserve everything they get, plus flaying of flesh from their backs.

That's not how you accrue force, J.  That's friction.  Physics is fundamental!  And apparently sexy!


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