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Can anyone tell me if any law schools in Cali have early admissions? I have looked through a majority of the schools' websites, and have found nothing in regards to early admissions.

Anyone know anything about this?

I have been searching for quite some time. I have several catologs of law schools from the 2002-2003 academic year.  The ones from Cali that I have include Pererdine, USC,UC Davis, UC Hastings and San Fransisco, and out of all these law schools there is no regard to regular or early decision applicants. (This doesn't sound right because one would think that this part of the app would be MOST crucial) sorry I couldn't be of more help but all of these schools speak nothing of the early decision in their applications and/or catalogs.

Thanks buddy, appreciate it. If you find anything, let me know. But thus far, I have yet to find anything about early admissions; the only thing I see in the apps is regarding rolling admissions. Nothing more.

You will definitely be the first to know.  ;D


  I just got my UC Hastings Bulletin in the mail and they list their Early Decision deadline at November 15. It is assumed that all other applications will be withdrawn, so it is one of the stricter early decision programs. I haven't gotten any of the other Cali Bulletins yet so I can't help you with Berkeley or Davis, but I hope and assume they would be the same.



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