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For those who know it's not the end of the world - Former Bombers of the LSAT


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Me, too. Last year 164. This year 180 (just lucky, never scored a 180 in practice). Just keep at it and don't worry. Work pays off. Happy Holidays!

That's freakin' awesome.

in my effort to distract myself from score release day, i read through some of the old score release topics (including this September's), and I was so excited to see that you'd done so well this time around :)

Thank you! I'm excited for you too! Maybe our dream schools are within reach after all.

BTW, you're really cute.  ;D

hehe, thanks.  ::blush::

i'm not applying until next cycle, but i have a feeling you're going to do really well! 

PS: agreed on the awesomeness, plusdelta.  well done you.