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Weekend PowerScore Class

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Re: Weekend PowerScore Class
« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2006, 01:55:49 PM »
Thanks SharkBait...


Sounds like we're getting closer to pulling out the Visa card. 

I am trying to get to the LSAT Median (155 - 160) for most of my schools and hopefully my soft factors will make up for my "not so stellar UGPA".  If $400 - $500 (tuition, room, food) will help me score 4 points higher, then it is worth it.  Why throw a $1,000 (app fees, prep books, LSAC, etc.) down the drain, when just a little more might have made the difference?  Make sense?

I think you'll do fine.  You're heart (effort) is in the right place and that is what 90% of life is made of anyway.

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Re: Weekend PowerScore Class
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2006, 01:59:28 PM »
Thanks Java Man - it def. does seem like we're in the same boat.  My PT scores hover around 154 - but when I take a PT untimed I'm up to 164, it's annoying.  I have good soft factors too though, so hopefully those will help us!

I just signed up for the weekend class but I used Mastercard  :P
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