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How long does it take them to do an academic report after they have transcripts?

I can see that they have them, but they have not done an academic report.  Does anyone know how long it takes them after receiving the transcripts.  Thank you.


i have been waiting 8 days so far.

hurry up lsac!!


Took them close to the 10 days, those bastards.

Ok, thanks I feal better now.


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Same boat.  I expect the worse.  Murphy was an optimist to me.


Finally "transcript processed" but no academic report yet...should be soon i guess

does anyone have any info or a link on how they re-scale your gpa? thanks in advance

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It took them two weeks to do my academic report after they got my transcript.  It only took a day after it was "processed" for the academic report to show up, though.