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« on: February 26, 2004, 12:51:28 PM »
I recently got a scholarship to Hofstra and while it is not my first choice, the money is enticing. Does anyone know any current students?  Are the graduates generally ahppy with their decision to attend?



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I got an honors scholarship to hofstra too.  I am seriously considering going despite getting into some better schools.  I know 4 people who go and they all love it.  Aparently it isnt cutthroat, and they get good recruiting

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Thanks! As of right now, looks like I'm in. See ya there...maybe :P

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 Well I got an honors scholarship too, and I am considering it although I am waiting on 5 more schools.  Any advice about this money vs prestige thing would be greatly appreciated.

  University of Buffalo (I'm from near Buffalo)
  Indiana University (Bloomington)
  University of Richmond
Still Waiting:
   University of Pennsylvania
   New York Law School
   George Washington
   Washington and Lee

   Notre Dame  >:(

My numbers were 3.75/162 from Syracuse U. (Go Orangemen!!)