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/edit i meant to post this in the recommendations board. my bad.

I'm trying to figure out which of my three letters I want to use. I wrote a similar post some months ago but the situation may be different because I've already visited the recommenders and gauged their reactions. 

One letter already in the bag is from a faculty advisor who's familiar with my work. I'm trying to decide which one i want to use as my second letter. Both letters are already submitted:

(a) a senior lecturer from a university that I temporarily transferred to for one semester, who I took two classes with two years ago and did well, but didn't seem too responsive when I came in for a letter. He probably doesn't remember me in class, but he has my papers from his course and remembered my face when I saw him.
(b) a graduate student from my own (relatively higher ranked) university who's very familiar with my work and with me, and was more than happy to write my letter.

Thanks for your advice!