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I have schools which I've applied to which even if they accept me I will not be attending because I have already been a accepted to a school which I prefer. I do not want to tie up tie/space that someone else may otherwise use. In cases such as this do people generally send a letter informing the schools that they wish to be withdrawn from consideration or should I just go ahead and wait until they either accept me or reject me?

If I should send a letter who should I address it to?

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I was told that an e-mail to the admissions office would suffice.  That's how I withdrew from UIUC, and they responded shortly thereafter wishing me a good cycle.  I also knew that I would not attend the school after being accepted to some higher-preferenced law schools.  I'm sure that sending a letter wouldn't be a bad idea, but e-mails are quicker.  If you send a letter, address it to the school's admissions office.  Congrats on your acceptances!

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Then by all means, withdraw your applications.  In doing so, you can also get a sense of relief that it's officially over, so congrats!

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Thank you for the quick reponses!  ;D