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Asian or white: which one gives me more of an edge?


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Re: Asian or white: which one gives me more of an edge?
« Reply #10 on: December 10, 2006, 05:58:58 PM »
I'm half-Asian with a 3.23 GPA and a 177 LSAT. I'm wondering: if I put Asian down, will this hurt my chances? As in, do Asians have to be 4.0 180 to have a chance at t14s lke in college? Would I be beter off putting down white? I generally don't like to take advantage of something out of my control, but college apps screwed me, and I'd rather not gamble with my future again.

Clearly, I'm bitter about college. I got rejected outright from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, and Colmbia, waitlisted at UVA, accepted into the UNC honors program, and accepted into the William and Mary program with a full ride. 1540 SAT, 4.424 GPA. It's not any individual rejection that surprised me, but rather the cumulative sum.

I think you should put down "Asian"--at least, law schools can count you in their overall minority population, and this might be an ever-so-slight advantage for you.  Or alternately, you could check "Other" and then write in "Mixed ancestry" or "Hapa."  I actually think that if you put down "Decline to share," they would just consider you white, and it wouldn't help you at all.

Your GPA puts you at a disadvantage in the admissions process, but your LSAT will help get you into quite a lot of schools, including the T14.  I would suggest you write some killer essays (including a diversity statement about your mixed heritage), add a grade addendum if you can, and really emphasize your soft factors.  You stand a fair to good chance at schools ranked 8-14.