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The best of the best ps titles--a compilation...

The best of the best ps titles--a compilation...
« on: December 06, 2006, 01:14:38 PM »
-Why I love Osama
-Had That Hit and Run Victim Lived It Would Only Have Been Reckless Endangerment: Why All Vehicular Homicide Convictions Are Not The Same.
-Why Duke-I could represent your men's lacrosse team...
-Why X? That cocaine isn't going to purchase itself
-How I dissapointed myself and my parents: My short-lived flirtation with Med. School
-175, 3.69: Says it All
-Il a Changé Ma Vie:  My Spring Break in Paris
-If I cheated on the LSAT, here's how it happened
-Tom Clancy: Literary Genius
-Lowered Expectations: How the Sept '06 RC Section Led Me to Quinnipiac
-wyh i nawnna og to lwa schol PS: i ma wirtinng this so rdunk
-Drunken Escapades: How I Conquered The Chick on Third Floor
-The Jews or The Jews: Who Was Really Behind 9/11?
-How I got Here from my Childhood in the Suburbs
-I am a Republican
-Why You Need A Level 60 Undead Priest In Your School: Lessons Learnt From World of Warcraft
-To Ave Maria: Why The So-called "Virgin" Mary Was Really A Filthy Hobag
-Gold Farming: Not Your Grandfather's Pasture
-I Don't Care Who Else Saw Her Cooch on the Internet: My Undying Infatuation with Britney Spears
-My Story As A Baathist: Kurds In My Way