Law School Discussion


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Game 1

A clown wears a jacket and overalls                                            Possible Setups
One is plaid and one is a solid color                                        J-------O
If Jacket is plaid then it is three colors                                  RVG      V
If the Overalls are plaid then they are two colors            RVG      R
Jacket and Overalls must share one color                             R       RV
                                                                                                            V       RV
Jacket can be Red, Violet or Green                                          R       RY
Overalls can be Red, Violet or Yellor                                    V       VY

Question #1

Possible setup?
Answer: Jacket is Red  Overalls are Red and Violet

Question #2

If the overalls are plaid what can jacket not be?
Answer: Green

Question #3

What two colors cannot be present in a setup?
Answer: Green and Yellow

Question #4

If there's NO yellow present, what must be true of the outfit
answer: it is violet and red unless the Jacket is green

Question #5

If the Jacket is plaid what color must the overalls be
Answer: Red or violet