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Is this possible?

Is this possible?
« on: December 03, 2006, 03:13:46 PM »

So as I have stated, I have been accepted to law school for spring 2007. However, as I found out recently, classes begin very soon, 2nd week in january. I am excited but I am feeling very rushed. Tuition deposit due in 2 weeks..I have so much to set up before starting school. IE. letting me employer know, applying for fin-aid, and visiting both schools and making a decision. Would it be possible to defer to the fall term? I just found out I was awarded a scholarship from both schools as well. Would I lose that if I started in the fall? Do schools get pissed if you defer? I don't want the schools to think I am not ready for law school. I am, its just I want everything to be in order when I start.  These are all questions I will be asking the schools directly, but you guys are so helpful, I could use some early answers. THANKS guys!


Re: Is this possible?
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Why'd you apply Spring 2007?  Are any of those reasons still valid?

Was it easier admission? If so, I doubt that they'd like you to defer.

You can always *try* to defer.  Worst thing that happens is they say "No, it's only valid for Spring 2007."  But at least you'll know.

Re: Is this possible?
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No, actually spring admission is more difficult than fall. I thought spring term began in march so I didn't think I would be as rushed as I am now.