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On my way to the LSAT. . .


On my way to the LSAT. . .
« on: December 02, 2006, 09:39:39 PM »
True, albeit sad, story that will, hopefully, turn to TRIUMPH (that's when that high score comes in!!!)

On my way to the LSAT. . . .

For 4 days prior, my family left town & left me alone in the house.  I took off from work, unplugged the phone, kept the shades pulled and lived on my couch - alternating sleep & practicing (not to mention recovering from bronchitis - BTW, want to apologize to all the people in the testing room today.  Hope I didn't screw up section 5 for EVERYBODY.  SORRY! I really tried to not cough.  It helped that the proctors allowed me to drink my water bottle & dig for my inhaler in my purse.)

Anyway. . . . Two days to go. . . and it starts to rain. . . then ice. . . then snow. . . then blizzard.  I awake Friday to 14" of snow - drifted 1/2 way up on everything everywhere!.   :o  hoo-boy.  The most snow this SE Kansas area has gotten at one time since 1992 (I was told by a local) Entire town shut down, Gov declares disaster area - and me with a test 2 hours north.  I start digging.  Finally make it out of the house.  Take a break.  Start digging some more.  Finally make it out to the 4 x 4.  Take a break.  Dig some more - can finally touch the 4 x 4.  Take a break.  Start digging some more to actually move the 4 x 4 - come to the conclusion that I will have to postpone *again* & head toward the house.  I figure after 4+ hours of solid digging - and now facing clearing the street by hand (drift clear across - right in front of hte 4 x 4) that the jig is up.  & y'know, a fella happens to drive by with a bobcat & DIGS MY 4 X 4 out - yippee!  I cried.  truly.  He wouldn't even let me pay him.

I load up, head out.  Plowing & sledding my way out of town. . . and down the highway.  40 mph for the first 50 miles.  Smooth sailing after that.

But I make it to my motel room!  supper & sleep.  I even remembered to set the alarm!

Sat morning, I leave for the test site after a bowl of oatmeal & boiled egg at the motel (sips of juice - no seat-pee-er here!)  So glad I left early. . . unfamiliar with the KU campus and I'm at the wrong building!   :'(  With 15 minutes to showtime - I'm off trying to follow some really poor directions.  Around & around. . . 10 minutes to go.  I throw up my hands in frustration, let out a primal scream ~"NO!" and there it is.  There's the building.  I figure out parking & am gearing up for the next phase - where the heck is the testing room? & how fast can I get there?

Bless the guy's soul who parked next to me - he was familiar with the building & let me tag along.  Never had a chance to say thank you (THANK YOU!).  We manage to get to *one* of the testing rooms (his - lucky for him, 5th floor) to discover I need to go up one more floor.  With no time left to spare, I'm off to find the stairs and my testing room.

& I made it.  Even had just enough time to strip down (okay, not all the way. . . but enough to cool off after 6 flights of stairs), get my pencils and timer out and Zen. . . . oohmmmm.   ;D

& it's all worth it.  Right?  RIGHT?????

The end   ;)


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Re: On my way to the LSAT. . .
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2006, 12:05:21 AM »
I liked the part where you almost got eaten by a shark!


Re: On my way to the LSAT. . .
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2006, 06:39:47 AM »
Actually. . . funny you should mention that.

On my trek from the house to the 4 X 4. . . the neighbor's pit bull came up from behind and *almost* ate me.  Again (repeat offender).  So before I actually even put the vehicle in gear, I'm calling local dispatch about the shark on the loose.

Quite the send off.  Where was the marching band and 7-gun salute, anyway?

Denny Crane

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Re: On my way to the LSAT. . .
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2006, 07:42:09 AM »
Would've been better if you found five dollars.  All great stories end with finding five dollars.  But best of luck.