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The Thread on Politics

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Julie Fern:
still living land of jeb bush?

maka nani:
No, now in the land of two recent powerball winners that are not me.  Looking to move again, though. 

Still in love with old blue man, eh? :)

Julie Fern:
he numbnuts.

julie miss reddy, want her post again.

maka nani:
heh, nuts.

Awww Julie...reddy has not much to say.  Then again, when was that not true?! 

I can't believe when I came to this site I was looking at the LSAT and here I am two years after graduation cursing the day I decided to go for it.

Oh, right.  This is a thread about politics.  Go Bernie! 

Julie Fern:
so julie gather you started law school at--what was it--stetson?


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