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October 97 game #3 question

October 97 game #3 question
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PLEASE explain to me how you figured out #16 and #17 in this game. It does not explain in the Ultimate Set-up book

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16. If F and M are on team 2 together that would force J to be on team 1 since at least one anthropologist must be on a team, and according to one of the rules if J is on team 1 R must be on team 2, but R can't be on team 2 because according to another rule given R and M cannot be on the same team together.

17. A is the only response with a valid hypothetical.
    B. no good because if F is on 2 J must be on team 1, since as above, at least one anthro. must be on a team and if J is out that
       means M must be on team 1 which won't work because you will have no place for S which must be on a team to fill the sixth spot.
                     ( F---> ~S, M----> ~S )   
    C. see 16
    D. same principles as B only with the teams reversed to accommodate different variables. ( J with F, and S with R )
    E. if J on 1 then R on 2 (indented rule) R can't be on 2 (per indented rule) because that's where N resides