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French hostages

Re: French hostages
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I think that the key difference between Fundamentalist Islam and other religions is the tendency to violence.  I don't know enough about all this though, and I feel I need to understand the basis of their religion better before I judge them.  So I'm going to be reading the Koran soon, along with some books about Islam.  I don't know if the violent Jihad aspect of Islam is actually in the Koran or if it's something people have read into it.  I hope to learn more about all of this.

But I do think Fundamentalist Islam and the terror it breeds must be defeated.  If Islam is a religion of peace as some say, these terrorists should not be allowed to hijack the entire religion from the good people who practice it.  It's not only an affront to the west, it's an affront to practitioners of peaceful Islam.

Once again, I hope that by reading the Koran I can come to understand all of this better.  First, though, I have to get through some Nietzsche I've been reading.


Re: French hostages
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And yes, I'm with Desi: we all need to be praying to the God from which all life springs.  We need to pray for peace, for our leaders, and for those who threaten us.  It doesn't matter what anyone's religion is, or where you stand on the political spectrum: if you believe in a higher power who has a hand in the affairs of the world, I hope you will join us in praying during these times of crisis.  The one thing that unites all people is a thirst for peace and a minimization of all human suffering.



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Re: French hostages
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