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A DS for critique


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A DS for critique
« on: November 09, 2006, 10:53:09 AM »
I'm just going to post it. Hopefully I'll get the most reaction this way.

A few pinpricks of silver clung stubbornly to the indigo sky when I asked about the scythe. The September air was chill and crisp; I sat bundled in a blanket in the back of the ox-drawn wagon, eyeing its sharp blade. It was the first day of the harvest.

“Grandpa, can I do the cutting?”

He looked back at me and shook his head. In the east, the red eye of the sun crested the low hills. Poplars stood sentry on either side of us, some so tall that they could’ve been planted by the Roman soldiers who first laid the road. I was five years old. My cousin and I were there to stook the hay.


A different September morning, half a decade removed. Lost in a crowd of hundreds, I roamed a skyscraper canyon, marveling at the gleam of the sun off the panels of glass. My family had just emigrated from Romania, and I was seeing downtown Toronto for the first time. 


The air was chill and crisp during my last night at Herstmonceux Castle, and I’ve never seen so many stars blanket the sky. Twenty years old, I sat on an East Sussex hill beneath the Royal Greenwich Observatory, reflecting on my experience at Queen’s University’s International Study Center. I had spent my freshman year immersed in British culture. Before returning to Canada, my field studies would take me from Ireland to France, from Germany to Spain.


I will be twenty-four years old next September, when I start studying law. Wherever I find myself, it will be far from where I started. I hope that the cosmopolitan perspective I’ve gained along the way—and the insights into human behaviour and technology imparted by my undergraduate degree—will enhance class discussions, and expose my peers to ideas they may not have encountered before.