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Applying to safeties/targets with current LSAT, then re-taking for reaches?

Okay, this seems to be a fairly interesting and debated issue, so let's get some opinions.

Myself and a few others plan on applying to our safeties and some of our targets (that have EA) with our September score, then perhaps re-taking (for me it will be a 2nd re-take) in order to give some kind of chance at our reaches. 

The question is, do you let the school you've already applied to know about your plans to re-take in December, meaning you will probably loose the advantage of applying early if they put your file aside until December?  Maybe you don't tell them about your re-take, but then if your December re-take is a success, then they may not like the fact that you didn't tell them in the first place, or it might be too late to submit the higher score? Am I making sense?

If not, I will provide examples.


If the application asks for you to "list any past LSAT dates and any planned LSAT dates", will you lie and leave it blank?

Well yes as to leaving it blank, because I (personally) don't plan to take the LSAT in the future. I'm just registered for it and haven't decided whether I'm going to ask for a refund yet.

As I've said in another forum it isn't any of their business what my future plans are. I'm supposed to be judged upon my numbers as they are. If I want them to know something, to hold my file, I'll tell them.

Jesus, will you please PM me when you get your response from LSAC?

The problem is, let's say you DON'T tell a school at which you're borderline at about your future plans, but all of a sudden in December you make a score that would get you in to that school for sure.  Since you didn't tell them, you might have already been rejected by the time you get your good December score.  On the other hand, if you tell them, they will put of reviewing your file, meaning you loose the advantage of applying early.  You also risk making a lower score, off course, and the school seeing the lower score and rejecting you, when you might of been accepted with just your September score.

Complicated, I know.  I'm badly in need of advice on this. 

Anyone else want to comment on this?  It's cause me to loose sleep at nights.