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Why Penn?


Why Penn?
« on: October 17, 2006, 11:28:12 AM »
Alright, so I have finished my 9 applications.  I got a fee waiver from some top schools, giving me a decent amount of confidence going into this application cycle.  However, I have decided that Penn is where I want to be next year... regardless of where else I may get in.  I have also recently been convinced of the importance of the "Why Penn?" essay.  As I want to give myself the greatest chance of getting in, I have decided to write one.  I have the body written, and I think I have some pretty solid ideas laid out.  I am having a miserable time writing a brief conclusion to sum it up though.  For those of you who wrote this essay, how did you wrap it up with out horrible "penn, more than any other school can help me attain my dreams" cliches.  I feel like the body is very much about Penn, but the conclusions I am coming up with could be about any school.  What did you say in your conclusions???

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I don't think you have to do anything very fancy; just answer the question honestly...  Just make sure that at least part of your essay is very specific to Penn.  If you could change the name of the law school, and the essay would still work for other schools, then I think it's not a good "why penn" essay.  It should be written in such a way that at least part of the essay only applies to penn.  Then they will know that you're really serious.

As for the ending, I think a standard closing is probably fine--it's the body not the last sentence that will most likely make you stand out.


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Yeah, I think you're right.  The body is very specific... it talks about my visit, specific teachers under a certain program, and a joint degree program I am applying to... I think I'll just keep the conclusion short and sweet and end on a positive note.  I just want to get this in tomorrow so I can truly be done applying.  Thanks


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I just wrote the first draft of my Why Penn essay. Wanna trade and grade? PM me --

Re: Why Penn?
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I did a little creative re-write of "Motown Philly"-- the Boy II Men song. So my ending went- dum dum dum dada  dum dum dum dada dyayayayayyadda dadda ay ay owoww.

Yo check this out one day back in philly, one guy wanted to learn, they said hey whats your name, waht my name? radoface heyyyy.

Penn Law is the place to go, if you want to learn the law. Penn Law got it goin on. Not too hard... not too soft.

So anyway...   adcomms are into the creative approach. it helps them see how youll add to the diversity of the law school class. For my diversity statement I included a stamped impression of my ear. try the creative angle


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Re: Why Penn?
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I hate to be a stick in the mud, but I feel I have to give a counterpoint to the "creative" approach. I hear (from interviews with them) that most admissions people do not like the gimmicky essays. It is almost always better to send a normal essay (interesting, but not too strange). That said, if you are applying to a school that is a huge reach (like below 10%) then gimmick all you want.


Re: Why Penn?
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Basic writing skills. 

You have the right inclination. 
Your first sentence and last sentence do matter.  It's the first impression they form of what you're writing and it's the impression you leave them with.

Nothing says "I am such a unique applicant!" like "In conclusion, I'm using a cliche for my conclusion."

Spend some time thinking of something good.  About Penn.  Nothing gimmicky, just a powerful concluding sentence.

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